I’m moving!

Hi, comedy lovers! It’s been a while since my last post! And while I’m still an avid fan of the NYC comedy scene and take in any many improv shows as I can–I’m moving on for a bit. The Fall TV season is fast approaching and you can check out my site at greenietv.com, where I’ll be discussing and recapping some of of my old and new favorites!

I’d love to see you there…


interesting article I wanted to share!

Style & Design

A woman, as Dirty Harriet might have said, has got to know her limitations. In the past seven years Tina Fey has written a best-selling book; starred in three movies; created and nurtured a TV show that was so influential and critically acclaimed, it’s amazing it wasn’t canceled; won enough awards to mobilize her own metallic-statue army; and had a key part in contributing the following words and phrases to the lexicon: Blerg, What the what?! and I want to go to there. Oh, and given birth to two children. Plus, with one dead-on impression, possibly helped decide the 2008 presidential election.

So now she’s ready for a nice lie-down, thank you very much. Or at least a coffee. Arriving at an old-school bistro near her Manhattan home, she looks like any other local mom after the school run: sensible boots, puffy jacket, cardigan and striped T-shirt. She orders…

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